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Why We're Different

What sets our firm apart from everyone else? Knox Lemmon’s unique size and flat hierarchy offer distinct advantages. Here’s what our many long-standing clients have come to appreciate over the years.

Partner Involvement

With five partners, the firm offers a robust set of services with more direct partner involvement than the big firms. Every client issue, whether it is a lawsuit or a business transaction, is actively managed by one of the partners to make certain our services are efficiently executed, and that our work is of the highest quality.

Broad Experience

Knox Lemmon’s expertise isn’t divided into separate specialized departments. Its partners possess decades of experience on a broad range of business, real estate and trust administration issues involving both transactions and litigation. The partners get to know their respective clients’ business, which enables them to respond quickly and efficiently to any legal issue.

Business Sense

Knox Lemmon knows first-hand that legal issues are just one part of a business’s larger management picture. For over three decades, the partners have not only practiced law together but have also faced the everyday challenges of running a small business. That experience sharpens their perspective and informs their advice in ways no big firm partners can duplicate. We bring a holistic approach to each case and seek to determine what each client needs beyond their initial concerns or assumptions.

Crystal Clarity

Right from the start, the attorneys at Knox Lemmon take time and care to articulate to clients what the legal process will be like and how much it will likely cost. With plain-spoken guidance and transparency, Knox Lemmon takes the mystery out of the law, thereby alleviating client apprehension and building a trusting relationship in the process. Ultimately, only our clients can decide what direction to take their businesses. Our role is to ensure their decisions are based on solid judgments after balancing risks, rights and obligations.

Cost Effectiveness

The value of our services is measured not only by the results obtained, but also by the cost to the client. The attorneys at Knox Lemmon remain vigilantly aware of each client’s strengths and vulnerabilities, and they seek the most effective means to achieve a goal, because the best legal advice is ultimately defined by what’s best for business.